Making of K/DA Music Video

for Riot Games

by Axis Studios

FEB 26th - 2PM CET

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Exclusive Making Of

with Marc and Denis Bouyer

Feb 26th - 2PM CET

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About Marc and Denis Bouyer

As twins, the Bouyer brothers began their collaboration in the womb and have continued to wreak havoc in tandem ever since. Perceiving SFX as magic they were inspired to attend Supinfocom and studied 3D animation. It was while here that their true talent began to develop and they produced their now widely recognised graduation movies, “Salesman Pete” and “Meet Buck”.

Not willing to break up a winning formula, the brothers travelled away from France to work on various projects from commercial brands to TV shows. Flexible in their approach to briefs and regardless of the animation style or technique, their dynamic storytelling and comedic sense remains at the centre of their work.

About Axis Studios

Axis is a multi award winning animation and VFX studio. Specialising in diversity, we’ve built a global reputation for creating commissioned and original entertainment experiences in Film, Television, Games and Theme Parks.

Axis Studios is building on our track record of creating narratively compelling work in animated entertainment & VFX, to originate and deliver groundbreaking content of the highest quality that engages audiences worldwide.

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