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About 'Existence'

"Around 1 and a half years back I realised that just painting cool concepts was not going to be enough to satisfy my creative ambitions and so I started working on an idea to create my debut short film. This film would draw a lot of inspiration from the ideas I had as a student of architecture. Back then these ideas were still raw and lacked a clear focus and vision but those ideas served as a great starting point for me to develop this film.

I was able to use that as an inspiration and push it as far as I could to create a visual narrative encapsulating the journey of creation. The creation of an idea, right from its inception to its final manifestation as a monumental structure. A testament to the lifelong pursuit of creation.

That would not have been possible without the help of some amazing friends who have contributed immensely with their expertise and brought skills to the table that only they uniquely had the ability to execute. All the collaborators on the film are friends of mine whom I know and it makes me very happy to see them all collaborate and come together on this project and grow their own skills while contributing to a larger vision."

Siddhartha Valluri

About Siddhartha Valluri

Siddhartha Valluri is a director and concept artist from Bangalore, India working at Rockstar Games. His aesthetic sensibilities are driven by his background in architectural design. After obtaining a bachelors degree in architecture he studied at FZD School of Design to pivot his skillsets towards the entertainment design world.

In December 2020 he created The Convergence Podcast which was initiated to engage in conversations and explore ideas with creative professionals across a wide spectrum of industries like video games, films, music, architecture, design and more.

Drawing inspiration from the intersection of technology and culture has allowed him to create art and design across a wide variety of subject matters over the years. Siddhartha’s work revolves around developing architectural designs, world building and hard-surface design.

In May 2021 he released his debut short film Existence. This entry into the world of directing films marked the beginning of the next step in his journey as a creative.

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During this live-stream we'll be looking behind the scenes at the creation of Siddhartha Valluri's debut short film Existence.

Join us on a deep dive into the development of the architectural language, aesthetics and mood of the film. We will also explore how strong symmetrical compositions played a huge role in driving the narrative of Existence.

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