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Exclusive Master Class With Xander Smith

Feb 21st - 9PM CET

AI and the future of Art

Pre-registration open one week before the Live

About Xander Smith

Xander has been very fortunate to be an artist in 2020, it’s a great time to be working in a creative field. He has a background working as a Concept Designer and 3D Artist for film and television, and right now he's the Lead Digital Artist and a founding member of Aliza Technologies, where they’re using deep-learning/AI with animation and design.

He's been living in Los Angeles, CA, for about a decade, since he was 18 and he moved here to take classes at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, and the Concept Design Academy so that He could work as an artist in film. Since then, he's been fortunate enough to work on projects like American Horror Story, The Greatest Showman, Aquaman, The Mandalorian, and Godzilla vs King Kong, to name a few of his favorites.

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